Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Capacitor


An aluminum solid capacitorwith high conductive polymer. It acquires low Equivalent Series Resistance(ESR), excellent noise reduction capability and frequency characteristics. Inaddition, it has a long life span and its ESR has little change even at lowtemperatures since the electrolyte is solid.


Low ESR obtained by usingconductive polymer electrolyte.

Suitable as adecoupling capacitor, because its impedance has ideal frequency characteristics.
Suitable as a smoothing capacitor, enabling miniaturizing switching powersupplies, because it allows large ripple current.
Suitable as a backup capacitor for the circuits that consume large current at ahigh speed.

Pb-free Compliant

All the models arecompletely Pb-free and RoHS compliant products.

Long life.

Some specialseries can be expected 50,000h life at 85°C, suitable for long-operatingindustrial equipments.

Superior temperaturecharacteristics.

Its ESR has stablecharacteristics at a temperature from -55°C to 105°C (partly 125°C), suitablefor applications used at low temperatures (under 0°C).

Wide capacitance range from 1μFto 2700μF.

An array ofvarious series covers wide capacitance range.

High voltage, high reliability.

High reliability productshave achieved the highest rated voltage 35V and the guarantee of85°C*85%RH(SVPD series), suitable for automotive and industrial equipments.

-A main purpose of use : High voltage
LEDbacklight of monitor, Industrials, Medical etc.

- A main purpose of use : Large capacitance
Theoutput side of DC/DC converter of the server and the base station

- A main purpose of use : Large ripple current
The inputside of DC/DC converter of the server and the base station